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i hope my first child is a dragon

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Fancy Dress Costume (Detail)

Paul Poiret


Early in the twentieth century Diaghilev’s Russian dance company, Ballets Russes, performed in Paris—reigniting the taste for orientalism in Europe with its exotic sets and costumes. As this ensemble illustrates, Poiret excelled in recontextualizing western dress with fantastical eastern influence. He was also a maverick modernist in creating a stir, taking promotion of his inventive ensembles to new levels with his infamous spectaculars. This fancy-dress ensemble was made for and worn to Poiret’s 1002nd Night party in 1911, which was designed and organized to promote his new creations in the full splendor and glamour of the orientalist trend.

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Detail: Prada F/W 2011

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Nars Launching Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow

“When I am developing product, I never forget about the texture; it’s something that makeup artists really notice. It’s lightweight, but the pigment is still strong.” — François Nars. For More

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my heart says yes but my mom says no

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Match #122

Giambattista Valli RTW Fall 2006 | Gold rose

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Hercules + references to other Greek myths

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A truly unstoppable force.

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